Service für Autoren 23.09.2013

Check list for the author’s correction

Mistakes occur even with the most careful editing. Despite this, we request that you pay particular attention to the following points during the correction of your paper to ensure an optimal standard.


  • Are the figures correctly enumerated?
  • Are the legends correctly allocated to their respective figures?
  • Is there a citation for every table and figure in the text and is this placed correctly?
  • Are the sources of pictures from other publications cited at the end of the legend or in the list of figures? (Please enclose the rights holder’s permission to reprint if this has not already been sent to us. We can only publish such figures if permission to reprint has been given in writing.)
  • Are all figures correctly reproduced (top/bottom, left/right)?
  • Are all the labels correct? Are the leader lines (if present) correctly placed?
  • Are all the markings used in the figures explained in the legend?
Please note that the resolution, sharpness and the colour reproduction of the figures in PDF files are not of the same quality as in the printed version.

Form and orthography

Your article will be edited once more before being published. If you discover any orthographic mistakes or mistakes in the titles, figures or tables, please correct these using the standards given by the German Duden dictionary for German texts and the Oxford English Dictionary for English texts.

  • Are all formulae given correctly?
  • Are the accentuations used in the text utilised sensibly ( b old, italics)?
  • Are the literature citations in the text uniform and correct?
  • Is the method used to write the references in the literature list uniform and correct?
  • Are the given dosages (amount and units) correct?
Please also check if the correspondent’s address is correct and complete. You should insert your corrections in the text using the comment function in the PDF file. Naturally, you can also fax your handcorrected article to us. Thank you!

Please note that orthography and syntax will be revised as part of the editing process using well-founded established standards. We can only deviate from these in exceptional cases. Additionally, the pagination may be altered due to the placement of advertisements.